Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Luray Cavern

Today I'm going to write about our trip to Luray Caverns. It was a sunny day. Mom decided to take us to a place we never been to. It is Luray Caverns. Luray Caverns is a natural wonder. It was found in 1878. Millions of people visited Luray Caverns after it was open to public. Luray Cavern's sort of mix in with Shenandoah Park. But now it's called Shenandoah Valley. If the people didn't find Luray Cavern there would be no Luray Caverns. They would only have the store on top of the cave that no one found.

Luray Caverns is a cave. It has lots of stalagmites and stalactite. Mostly Luray Caverns has stalactites. There are 3 ponds in the cave. One looks like the sea. We made wishes and threw pennies in the pond. The second pond was dark. The third one was bright ans without the waves, it looks like a mirror. And the third one with the stalactites on the ceiling, I thought it was stalagmites from the pond! I knew it was actually the reflections. It's because I didn't look long enough the first time. There is also a giant stalagmite that fell. I forgot how old is was.

Did you know how the stalagmites and stalactites grow? If you don't, I have a little story about how stalagmites and stalactites grow. Over 600 million years ago, one day a drop of water with tiny bits of limestones was on the ceiling. The water and some limestone fell down, then millions and millions of more drops came down. The limestones stayed on the ceiling formed cone shapes are called stalactites. The limestone that was on the ground formed upside-down cone shapes are called stalagmites. You can not touch the limestones because you have germs and oil (body oil ) on your hands. You might stop the limestones from growing. Then no much interesting things will be in your writing, if you are writing about Luray Caverns, like me.

Luray Caverns is not the only cave in the world. There are hundreds of caves in almost every part of the world. I heard that there is a cave that is the biggest cave in the world. I forgot the name of it. Luray Caverns is sort of scary. But I had mostly fun. I took a lot of pictures. I took a picture of me cross-eyed. I like that picture the most.

National Zoon


All right, today I'm writing about the Zoo we went to. It is called the National Zoo. It opens to public for free. The end. Well, I can't make it the end because this is only the introduction.

What do I like the most? You're kidding! I like all the animals! Except for that stinky horse, that is. And except that I didn't get to see all the animals. Oh, well, I guess that's all I have to say for this.

I saw a sea lion, a beaver, ducks, and elephant, reptiles, and a stinky horse. Oops, I forgot. There were 2 monkeys on the wires in the sky. Just like in the circus. The beaver was with the ducks. It was carrying a stick all the time. The elephant was eating. I don't really know how it cut its food. In the reptiles place, there were 75 years old tortoises! There were males and females. Also African family events was there. I got food. But I dropped my chicken so I had to share with Kathy.

Okay, so here's the stinky horse. It's home is even stinkier that itself. I didn't stay there for long anyway. Yay! Okay, here's the problem. I don't have any more to write except that I don't like the horse home. So, good bye!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Good Friday

Okay, no more funny stuff. I am going to tell you about last Friday. I stayed home because it was Good Friday. I don’t think you got that. We went to Butler’s Orchard. We went for an Easter Egg Hunting. I went to Butler’s Orchard before on a class field trip. I don’t know here it is. I think it is really close to the strawberry pick. But don’t try that direction. I’m only guessing.

I keep waiting in line. This is taking forever! Finally we are at the front. We got the tickets. Let’s go! Wait. Now let’s go! This is so easy! The eggs are in plain sight! I found three whole baskets of eggs. They have nothing in them. I have to dump them in the hen’s nest to get a goodie bag. Then we went horse back riding. It was bumpy. Can we go to the slides now? Not yet. Now? Sure. I went on the biggest slide three times. I went on the slide with the black tunnel. Wheeeeeeeee~! You need a bag (not a bag that you put your things in) that is on a table near the slides. Like a burlap bag. Let’s get face painting! I got flowers pink and white! All done! Pretty! Kathy and Grace, too! Oops, I forgot. Alex and Grace came too. Alex doesn’t want any face painting. Lunch time! Goodie bags first. I got an apple, stickers, a cookie, a lollipop, and a paper and that’s all. Lunch time! McDonald! A happy meal, please! I got a toy! A bracelet! Home, we go!

At home
Mom says we should go to Chuck E Cheese! Kathy says, “Me too”. Why does Kathy always have to go? Just let her go. Okay. But does Kathy always have to go? Not always. Okay, Alex, your mom will pick you up at Chuck E Cheese. I’ll go straight to art class after we play. Let’s go! Here we are. Mom, I need some tokens. Yay! Let’s play! Some more tokens. Yay! Dad’s here! Alex went home. I’m going to art class! I drew a picture from the book “Possum Magic”. Only that the bike is way too small for the grandma Possum. Then I went home. I ate dinner and took a bath and well, you know what I do every single night. Go to sleep, of course!

My weekend - 3/17/08

Today it's my weekend. I will tell you about my weekend! Whew, a break from book reports. Yay! Okay, let's go on. I think I'll start on Friday. Okay, umm.......... Okay, after school, (I don't want to talk about school coz it will take too long of time), I went to art class. I drew a frog. Then I water colored. Is that fun? Yes!

On Saturday I went to the park. I like the park. Boring... I like the part where I can climb. In the afternoon, I went ice skating. I learned something from a new lesson. It is a T-Stop and a backward stroke. Then I had free and practice time.

On Sunday I got new books. They are Julie books. I went to piano practice. I made mail for Kathy. Then I played piano. I played the new song. I played the left hand. Then I played again. I went home.

I want to ice skate like the kids in the middle of the rink because they were spinning very fast and doing tricks. Kathy doesn't know how to sliiiide. So she steps like marching. I will teach her how to sliiiiide. Later, I will keep learning.

Book Review - Ramona the Pest


Today I am going to write about "Ramona the Pest". Beverly Clearly wrote the book. The book came out in 1968. The book is about everyone calling Ramona a pest. A pest is someone who is annoying. There are 211 pages in the book.

At the beginning, Ramona starts kindergarten. She makes a lot of noise. She was singing a loud song. Later, she brings her doll to show and tell. Her doll’s name is Chevrolet. She named it after a car. I don’t know why she named it after a car, but I think she likes the car. At the end, well not exactly at the end, but later again, Howie gives Ramona the ribbon. Ramona wanted the ribbon because it was tied on her bunny when Howie borrowed it.

My favorite part was when Ramona learned how to print her name. It’s my favorite part because I like it when I printed my name for my school and home work. I also like when Ramona bought her new boots. I don’t know if Ramona is still a pest at the end because the book tells me nothing.

Book Review - Ramona and her Mother


Today I'm going to write about "Ramona and her Mother". Beverly Cleary wrote the book. There are 219 pages. The book is about Ramona's mom and dad had a fight. And about Ramona with her mother lots of times of course. But it's about talking with her mother.

In the beginning, Ramona's family had a party. It is for a New Year's Day. Ramona's mother said, "Ramona give the present you made." Ramona gave the box of tissue to Willa Jean. Willa Jean pulled out the whole box of tissues. Ramona's mother told Ramona to pick up all the tissues after everyone leaves. Later, Beezus cut her hair in a beauty shop. She didn't like her haircut. Later on, Ramona wears her pajamas to the nurse. Ramona didn't tell her mother about that she left her pajamas at school in a paper bag. She had to wear her tight pajamas. At the end, Ramona finally gets to ride the school bus. Ramona waited all summer to ride the bus, and she finally got to. Her mother said "YES!"

I don't have a favorite part. But this is a part I like. I like it when Willa Jean pulled out the whole box of tissues. And when Beevus gets her hair cut. Also when Ramona gets her hair cut. I don't think I like any other parts.

Ramona is with her mother all the time. She always talks with her mother. I think kids 6+ are to read these books. The book only talks about Ramona and her mother. One thing I don't like is when Ramona plans to go away. Her mother made the suitcase too heavy on purpose. So Ramona won't leave. She wanted Ramona to stay.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Book Review - Magic Tree House, Day of the Dragon King

Today I am going to write about the Magic Tree House #14, Day of the Dragon King. Mary Pope Osborn wrote the book. The book was published in 1998. There are 68 pages in the book. The book is about Jack and Annie in China. They have to find a lost book.

At the beginning, Jack and Annie find the tree house. They saw Morgan in the tree house. Later, the magic tree house took them to China. In China they gave the silk weaver a message. The message is about meeting a man at twilight. Later again, they go to the Imperial Library. They see all the book being burned. They find a stack of waiting books and find the book they were looking for.

My favorite part is when Jack and Annie found the book they needed. It's my favorite part because they were just in time to get the book before it was burn. Also I like it when Jack and Annie got the silk ball. It's my other favorite part because I almost can feel the silk ball. It is like I'm right in the story but I don't see things around me. The silk ball was yellow. It is made out of the silkworm cocoons.

I have lots of Magic Tree House books at home. But I don't have all of the books because new books keep coming out. I only have to get a few more books. The book has some old Chinese history parts. The book is not only fun, it alos helps you learn. You can learn a lot from the book about old China. I think most of the kids will like reading Magic Tree House. The Magic Tree House books have a lot of information about many places. Kids will know a lot from reading the books. Their parents will be happy for them.